Meat My Ass 7 / Развлечения Моей Задницы 7 (2007/DVDRip)

Ваша девушка любит, когда вы засаживаете свой член глубоко в ее плотную попку? Эти девушки это обожают! Вы получаете большие, круглые, твердые и плотные попки, которые мечтают о том, чтобы их отшлёпали и отымели по полной программе.
Innocence: Rebel / Бунтарки (2007/DVDRip)

Girls with a taste for danger. Rebels with a hunger for sex. Innocent with the allure of trouble, their desire is burning to light up wild young flesh, aroused and hot with love.
Ionie Luvcoxxx 18 - I Only Love Slap And Tickle (2007/DVDRip)

A prick-tanglingly pleasurable fantasy from Gonzo Queen Ionie Luvcoxxx, to have you writhing on the floor, screaming for more!

Prisoner Market - The Proprietress School-Hasumi Claire Mizuna Example Of Fitted Elf Into A Trap (2015) DVDRip

Gangland 60 / Трахляндия 60 (2007/DVDRip)

It can get rough in the 'hood, and sweet young girls who want to stay pure better stay far away. Because nasty things can happen if they turn down the wrong alley. Like meeting a gang of big, strong and horny Black dudes who can't wait to whip out their massive hard-ons and impale every tight hole they've got! But there are are some sleazy sluts who love getting reamed by those huge ebony polesm and we've got three of the raunshiest 'ho's right here for you. And if you like watching pussies, throats and asses stretched to their absolute limit, you've just crossed over into the Gangland Zone, and it's gonna get hot!
Chica Boom 20 / Горячие латинские девочки 20 (2003/DVDRip)

The latest census figures show that Hispanics are the #1 minority in the U.S. This means that there are more Latinas per capita than ever before! But if you want to score with a hot-blooded Chica like Simone or Roxy, then you're going to need some training. That's where this video comes in handy. Chica Boom teaches you how to harden their brown nipples with your teeth. How to fuck their dark-lipped pussies till they squeal in their native tongues. And how to coax them into taking cum shots in, on, or near their open mouths!
Busted (2008/DVDRip)

"Officer" Maxine X, arrests sexy hooker, Janessa. She makes a deal to drop the charges if she cums back to the kinky kop's dungeon & submits to bondage, degradation, whipping, forced orgasms, ATM, DP, strap-on sex, anal, penetrations & more! Bondage slut Star is bound & forced to cum while gagged & nipple tortured!
Black Widow / Черная вдова (2007/DVDRip)

В то время, когда юные девушки обычно мечтают о счастливом браке со своими ровесниками, Пейтон (Шторми Дэниэлс) вынашивала другие планы. В 20 лет она встречает Чарльза (Рэнди Сперс), человека средних лет, богатого и уже заслужившего определенный статус в обществе. После его совращения для скорого бракосочетания, девушка окольными путями начинает претворять свой план в жизнь. Чисто внешне Пэйтон - великолепная жена, дающая мужу всё, что только может пожелать мужчина. Но приближается трехлетняя годовщина их свадьбы, и это - время для осуществления ее мечты - стать Черной Вдовой. Пейтон начинает постепенно медленно отравлять Чарльза, но он имеет собственный план... Станет ли хищник добычей?
Big Titty MILFs 7 / Грудастые мамочки 7 (2008/DVDRip)

You've been eyeing that sexy older lady next door and fantasizing about squeezing and sucking on her big, round tits while she slowly eases her cunt down on your rock hard cock until you're balls-deep inside her silky smooth snatch. Just a fantasy, right? But then one day she walks up, grabs the growing bulge in your pants and whispers that she's lonely and wants you to fuck her as hard as you can and spray your hot cum all over her enormous jugs! This is no longer a fantasy... now this horny MILF is hot and ready for you to give her the ferocious fucking that she's always fantasized about.
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